ao CAFE 瑞浪の駅近くにある古民家をリノベーションした店内には、ギャラリー&イベントスペースを併設していて色々なイベントを開催しています。ランチも美味しくて遠方からもお客さんが訪れる隠れ家的なカフェです。

Basic Bene NIWA 可児市にあるイタリアの旧車FIAT500をメインに取り合扱いをしてるカーショップ。オーナーの丹羽さんの長年の経験に裏付けされた技術とお人柄にチンクエチェント ファンが日本中から訪れる、知る人ぞ知る車の名店です。

WERKE  瑞浪市街地にあるコーヒーの美味しいおしゃれなカフェ。1杯ずつ丁寧にハンドドリップで入れたコーヒーは美味しく、サンドイッチも絶品。併設したガレージにはポルシェや古いベンツがおいてあり、車好きのお客さんも集まります。週末は夜カフェ+BARもやっています。

瑞芳園 成瀬農場 清涯荘にほど近い地元瑞浪市のお茶園。農薬や化学肥料に一切頼らない、昔ながらの有機農法が一番のこだわりです。当カフェでは、瑞芳園の和紅茶「澪(みお)」とほうじ茶が人気のメニューとなっております。また、お持ち帰り用に茶葉も販売しております。

らっこや 滋賀県日野町にあるほっこりほんわか、ほっこりした古民家カフェです。店内の雰囲気やオーナーご夫婦のお人柄に癒されます。清涯荘のコーヒー豆を焙煎していただいてます。


Have you ever wondered what it felt like to eat amongst the clouds? While enjoying the beautiful mountainous scenery, you can now enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee at SEIGAISO. The freshness of the air, as well as the quiet and calming atmosphere will make your stay soothing and tranquil. 

The restaurant was opened recently in the May of 2017; it is run by the manager Takeshi Mizoguchi and his wife Megumi Mizoguchi. The restaurant itself is about 500m above the ground, where you can see the beautiful mountains while enjoying your meal. There is also a lookout above the restaurant where you can view mountains at a panorama view. From the lookout, you can see the Central Alps Mountain as well as Nagoya city. Mizoguchi recommends to check the lookout, then walk down the stairs to visit and relax at the restaurant. 

SEIGAISO is a restaurant that includes a gluten free lunch, and does not include meat in any of their courses. The meal itself was very simplistic and healthful. On a simple plate, small portions were placed beautifully like an artist's palette with paint on it. One of my favorites was a simple full sized carrot cut in half (lengthwise) that was sautéed in some garlic and other seasonings. All of the vegetables that are used in the restaurant are picked locally. Another favorite was the bread that came along with the main course. Because the bread is gluten free, the bread is made of rice flour instead of the standard wheat flour. They also incorporate their homemade yeast into the rice bread. The texture of the bread was very crispy on the outside, but the inside was soft and mochi-like; it was very delicious. The whole meal does appear to be a little small, but once you eat everything, it is very filling. 

Although the restaurant is within the mountains, it is only 15 minutes away from the JR Kamado Station by car. From Nagoya City, it is approximately only 1 hour by riding the JR train. Who knew there was such easy access to a restaurant up in the mountains accompanied by a breathtaking view? It is the perfect place to enjoy some "me" time, or to catch up with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful mountains.